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Graffiti sketches are where majority of newbies start from but what do you really understand by the word graffiti? A lot of people see it as being something that materialized only in this modern world of ours, drawn by metropolitan youth on railway bridges.

However, this sketch can be taken as far back to the primeval civilizations, such as the very old Egyptians that their symbol is being a well thought-out form of what is recently referred to as graffiti. One can say that graffiti, as it is well known to be, can be traced back to the origins of mankind itself, as this is the period when Neanderthal man's understanding of his environment was being made known through cave drawings.

More often than not graffiti has been known to be vandalism due to its connection with the spray-painted drawings you frequently come across plastered all over buildings and walls around the cities.

Graffiti art can be classified into three common forms such as Tags, Pieces and Labels. Majority of us have walked down a street and come across different kinds of walls covered with graffiti, but can we tell between one item of graffiti from another? The most widely used and the easiest to identify is a tag.

A tag is more often than not a simple one-colored design (though it can be a little more complex). Put in a simple manner, it is a representation of an artist's or writer nickname or message, and its objective will be to send a message to the rest of the writers.

A piece is a more compound form of graffiti sketches where a writer starts normally with some kind of defined plan or sketch.  It tends to take graffiti sketches a bit more in the way of character art, which fan base is big. People will be able to often identify a writer's work by their character designs alone.

A label is when a writer's character or tag plan is published on posters or stickers. Labels can be seen in various cities all around the world. This is surely a great way for all kinds of artists to take their art to the four corners of the earth; usually tags are a little hard to come by and they are only going to be noticed by those people interested in street art.

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