Graffiti Sketches:
The New Freestyle Artform

Creative Graffiti Sketches

Graffiti sketches and full color graffiti paintings have become a legitimate form of art. Once regarded as a neighborhood nightmare, graffiti art has risen to the ranks of skilled and passionate expression.

The first step towards tackling a major graffiti art wall project is to practice the technique with sketching.

 Since the rules are few and far between, the more you draw, the more precise and creative your graffiti sketch becomes.


How Is Graffiti Art Different?
Each art form requires a certain finesse and set of rules to make the artwork pop. Some techniques require finely tuned finger muscles and others favor a free-flowing full arm swing. Graffiti art keeps it simple and must deliver the message without fine lines.

This may seem like a piece of cake, however, the technique requires an artistic vision where less is best. The graffiti artist must communicate the sketch with bold strokes and may not rely on fine tuning to capture the emotion.

The Starting Point
For most new graffiti sketch artists, the starting point is working with letters. Draw a variety of words to be sure you are getting enough practice with the entire alphabet. Using tall and broad strokes, draw your words in all capital letters. The next step is to choose a side to show perspective and depth. One side of your graffiti drawing will appear to be three dimensional as if it's lifting off the drawing paper.

Pencils are the ideal tool to work with the shading process for the first time. The outline of the shaded graffiti letters should be heavy and bold. Inside the shaded area, just play with the contour from very light to moderate stroking.

Remember that if you intend to make your sketch a draft for wall art, the shading must stand out from the background colors. The finished graffiti art project is all about simplicity, bright colors and an artistic statement that is emotionally charged. Words, faces, animals and more tell your story in easy to draw 3D special effects.

Famous Graffiti Artists
Many graffiti artists have perfected their craft and shot right to the top. Their museum quality usage of space, messaging and eye-popping color have been used to sell products and beautify public areas. The good news about a career in the art world is that there is always room for one more. No two artists are ever alike and new talent has been embraced since the beginning of time. Check out the works from some of the industry's biggest names and get inspired to do your own thing.

  • Cyke
  • Banksy
  • Ewok
  • Futura 2000
  • Dope
  • Atom
  • T-Kid

    Ideas for Graffiti Sketches are here for your creative images. Try looking up some of these big names in the graffiti art world.

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