Grim Reaper Sketches and Drawings

Drawing sketches of the Grim Reaper is an excellent opportunity to use your wrist, elbow and upper arm motion. Fine point drawing requires precise manual dexterity in the fingers, however, the Reaper is going to take you on a journey using professional artist skills with a wide swing motion in your arm as you draw fluid curves for the body and hatchet.

Though a mythological creature that has never walked the earth, most countries and cultures understand the image of the Reaper and will instantly recognize what you are trying to draw. So to keep yourself ahead in the game, try a few simple techniques to get your Reapers noticed.

 Perception and Angle
Your first decision when sketching is to choose an angle. If this is your first attempt, take a heads-up hint and select a side view. This will cut down on the facial detailing and allow you to explore the world of free motion drawing with a long flowing robe, hood and weapon.

Highlighted Features
Like drawing a caricature, you need to bring out the distinctive features that make this creature what he is and easily identifiable by emphasizing four basic points: robe, hood, skeletal hands and reaper. You may opt to shade in the face to simplify your sketches which also can make your finished product more dramatic.

Part of the mystery and suspense when sketching these Grim creatures is to shade and shadow him into one spooky dude.

Charcoal and pencil sketches are ideal to blend in a variety of shades, most importantly to add flow and motion to his robe. The Reaper's work is never done, and this is one ominous creature that is on the move, so be sure to keep the lines in the robe gracefully swaying to create the effect of animation.

Your sketches of the scary Reaper must reflect the magnitude of the creature with size and charisma. This is not a shy and demure little being that stands in the background for his fifteen minutes of fame. Use the center of your drawing paper and fill up the space to create a larger than life character with power and presence. 

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