Happy Drawings of Christmas

by Mr Grinch
(North Pole)

The Grinch and Santa

The Grinch and Santa

Make your own drawings from these illustrations and images – the ones you like the best. Send a full page message from this site which is easy for you to download. Just carefully follow the instructions on how to download. You can load up to 4 images. Go on, give them a surprise!

We all know, don’t we, that Christians usually adhere to Christianity? What about all those other religions, hundreds of them do not accept Christianity? I wonder how they accept these Christ-massy images? Santa Clause would certainly fit into some of these don’t you think?

I think Jesus wouldn't give a hoot about these other major religions and would grant them the way they are. Many of these pictures will fit in with most of these other religions.

What about starting off with a Christmas tree? It is very simple to sketch and it can be any one color you have - or try using your entire color box.

Color-in Santa as well, be different, give him a yellow beard or a green outfit like "the Grinch." Change the reindeer's for a few horses or make them like a unicorn!

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