Heart Drawings:

Make Yours Elegant and
Understated For Great Effects

When trying our hand (or, more accurately, our pencils) at some ultra cool heart drawings, we all should be thankful of one very basic fact: the artsy phartsy representation of a heart looks NOTHING like an actual beating heart!

Think about it; what if, on Valentine’s Day, we all gave our horrified dates cards, candy boxes and delicate lockets in the shape of a genuine human heart? Yeah, real good way to ensure that a.) you’ll never see that person again in your lifetime and b.) legal papers, not V-Day bouquets, just might be delivered to your door sometime in the near future.


Hey, we all have to give props to the heart; this vital organ does, after all, have some really fab functions, not the least of which is keeping us alive at all times (how’s that for an in-depth anatomical analysis of the heart and its purpose?). The fact is, though, that what is perhaps the most important body part is not—well—the prettiest. That's why someone saw fit to create a more eye-pleasing image of the human heart for artistic applications.

Most Heart Drawings show us a radiant symbol of love and human emotion;a timeless image that has appeared in paintings, etchings, posters, advertisements, magazine layouts, and book covers throughout the world. When people see an "art heart," they know automatically that the theme of the work is love, and probably of the romantic variety.

If you're just not into all that mushy gushy stuff—if maybe, you'd rather willingly sit through a root canal than a chick flick, and you’d gladly rip a heart-shaped box in half just to get to the yummy chocolates contained within them—then take a moment to picture and envision another popular symbol: a dollar sign.

As an artist, someone at some point will hire you to deliver a work that centers around, or that at least features, the heart. Whether you design ads, portrait work, promo posters or even tattoos, you at some point will be required to compose some lovely, meaningful Heart Drawings.

So are you ready to learn the ins and outs of drawing a heart? Luckily, it’s pretty easy:

  • Decide on the shape of the heart you wish to create. Some 'art hearts' are very round and thick in shape, while others are more narrow and delicate.
  • To come up with a big, bold heart, draw two half circles that are arched at the top, including lines up top to distinguish the ‘halves of a heart’ and a definite point at the bottom.
  • To make a longer, perhaps fancier heart, start with the same arch at the top, making the descending lines that are attached longer and finer, curving them inward to create matching slopes.
  • Color your heart any way you like, keeping in mind that the most popular shades for this subject are dark red and light pink. Yet if it moves you to design lavender, mauve or even black hearts instead, by all means go for it!
  • Also feel free to embellish your heart any way you see fit. Surround your heart with clouds, rainbows or smaller hearts, or pierce it with Cupid’s Arrow; sounds darned painful, yes, but romantically so...

Take a peek at some of these heart drawings, let me know what you like and make a few good or bad comments about them. And, you can submit your own drawings of anything you think should be on display. Go for it! As it is Valentine's Day Soon, get creative!

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