Hello Colorists – it’s Holiday Sketching Time Using Color

by Jon Saqarra
(Earl's Court)

Colorful Fiber

Colorful Fiber

Here are some basics about color and the art of color. I used to struggle putting colors together so it looks perfect and harmonizes with everything in the room. I’ve fiddled around for years and one fine day I discovered color was an integral part of life which reflected our emotions and thoughts!

Ever been into a room where the colors have been really odd clashing against many other colors – creating disharmony. You probably see it all the time and have become “color blind” to a degree. A bit like seeing adverts on web pages where we all become “ad blind” and does not really impinge on us as we just blot it out of our vision.

As you are an artist and I assume you paint with color (pencil or paint) and you like to create images that people just love your work! They love the subject matter, the brush strokes, the thick textured paint on the canvas BUT it will be the color and color combinations that will impact their emotions and thoughts.

Do you ever give any considerations when you dip your paintbrush into the paint? What effect it will create?

Maybe you just hope it will start to look okay as your painting progresses.

You might think “Well, I love pink and this color might just suit this young girl.” As you progress you begin evaluating the value AND the hue (color) and realize the pink is almost the same value so there is no definition (or value) between her pink face and arms so you have to modify or change to another color for the dress. What works really well is to find the complimentary color of pink (which would be a very light-turquoise).

So an artist has to evaluate the overall effect he or she is trying to create. I know I have often blithely continued painting in the hopes it will look okay when complete.

Sometimes it works out fine and other times a ghastly mess!

Putting various colors together is quite a skill and you either have talent for it or you have to get out your color charts to see if you can create magical effects with your charts.

I am going to write about how some of the ‘old masters’ used color in their paintings. Putting colors together is almost a science but emotions DO come into play when you create OMG images!

Would you like to read about some of the ‘old masters’ and how they used color in their paintings?

Jon Saqarra
November 29, 2016

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