Hello Faux Painters and Artists,

by Margo Celeste

Faux Painting

Faux Painting

Let’s define the French word “faux” which basically means “artificial, fake, false” -- and so in these modern times ‘faux finishing’ has replaced Faux Painting.

So what is faux painting? This is where an artist replicates various textures as seen, such as marble, stone, wood grain and millions of other textures.

It does not stop at textures. You can now replicate any famous painting on your walls, from the “old masters” to the modern day contemporary artists like Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, David Hockney and many more.

You can replicate fur, sand, rocks, seashells, pebbles, foliage (yes, anything from nature too). You are only limited by your imagination, nothing else!

Faux painting has been around for eons from the earliest cavemen and the tombs of ancient Egypt. Faux finishing progressed with plaster, stone and brickwork, concrete, and adobe.

The most popular faux finishes are marble from subtle effects to high contrast with unlimited range of colors.

A really good artist will create murals and faux paintings who can trick your eye into believing they are seeing the real thing. Same thing with those street artists who give the effect of a gaping hole you could fall into as if you are being swallowed up!

Coming up to present time in the 80’s and 90’s when faux influenced the survival of wallpaper!

If you are painting textures you will find it quite easy to get marvelous effects on a flat surface, it is when you come to corners of a room or crown molding you will not find it so easy to blend in as if it is an integral part. This is where a little experience helps as you get the “feel” of your texture blending in.

If you feel it does not look quite right, you can always paint over it again, I’ve done this many times and usually it looks pretty good and the customer always says “OMG, Wow!” then I know I’ve done a good job.

You can find a myriad of tools to get the job looking really cool; you can use a sponge, a roller, rags, paper, cardboard, your old T-shirts, and cut-out pieces of rubber like your doormat. There really is no restriction on your creativity!

Get out your brushes and paint, sponges, rollers and. . .?

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