Help: a Question on How to Draw a Motorcycle

by Jay Selby

Can anyone on this site guide me in simple steps on how to draw a motorcycle. I've struggled with perspective in getting the wheels looking right - in fact they look awful and I am ashamed to show them, I am too embarrassed .

My idea is to have a very low viewpoint almost (but not quite) at ground level. The perspective in my prelim studies look all wrong. Once I have the drawing looking right I will start on my painting, this is something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

I have one of those pre WW2 Norton's which is a single cylinder side valve of 500cc with an old sidecar attached. Perhaps there are some vintage owners who love their motorcycles who could help me?

I've been through the tutorials on this site but it did not help me much and I thought perhaps it being popular there just might be someone who have drawings of motorcycles?

Mr Jay Selby (67)

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