Here is My Story From Sabrina About Drawings of Flowers

by Melarna Anne Sioux
(Four Corners)

Drawings of Flowers

Drawings of Flowers

I was in raptures over her article as it really resonated with me.

This story I have abbreviated and tried to cut out most of the fluff: May I suggest you read her story first so you know where my thoughts are coming from.

Here Goes;

Why do I love drawings of flowers?

Well, let me tell you what drawing flowers in pencil does for me! It is creating something beautiful, something that can be endured.

Flowers are one of my favorite things in the world tody. Why? Drawing Flowers is quite therapeutic and, like other people, what turns them on could be fast cars, the study of bed bugs, surfing the great barrier reefs in Australia or playing Monty Python in Congress for all those poor dudes passing bills to strangle the US population! OK, I am joking a bit so I will be more serious!

Flowers drawn, photographed or real are usually beautiful and happy, yes happy to give of themselves as a sign of new things for you to become aware of. I love to have flowers around me all the time but the trouble is, once they are picked and brought in the house, their glory is cut short. The flower drawings keep me in tune.

I prefer to see them growing but I still like to have them around me and do drawings of flowers is the perfect solution. I like drawings of flowers because most of them really show subtle details of the petals, leaves, and stems.

My mother was an artist and she painted many bouquets of flowers especially roses that always seems to inspire me. She passed away recently so this is an immortal way for me to stay connected.

I feel close to her as I look at her flower drawings and decorate my house which makes me happy and cheerful (sometimes I shed a tear I must confess) and try variants on drawings of flowers or other items throughout my house as they always bring a smile when I look at them.

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