How Are You Marketing Your Artwork?

by Jon Saqarra
(Mnt Helifax)

I do know that many artists haven't a clue how to market and sell their work. I see many artists advertise their work on Craig's List but with follow-ups I find not many are successful.

A few years back I used to sell 100's of acrylic paintings on eBay but since then, the market for those very large canvases has dried up.

One way of marketing your artwork is through Cory Hoff's website; - try it out and let's have your feedback as I know nothing about this marketing art course.

Here is some data from his website; - see some of the testimonials/feedback from a variety of artists.

Honestly, I do not think it is a good marketing model for the "drawing artist" but certainly okay for oil painters.

What I did when I sold many paintings on eBay was carefully documenting the style, size, when listed, what category, price sold for, and number of bids. You can get a mine full of useful info--not to copy--but to use things like starting price, reserve price, time of day, when listed etc.

A good place to market your art is but here you have to be very persistent and more importantly, tell a story behind your painting! I sold a painting once on eBay during a bidding war and was asked details about it. "What's the name of the painting?" I was asked - and out of the top of my head I said "Fifth Avenue NY" His response was, That's a great name for that abstract, I'll buy it!" And he did!

Goog luck with your marketing!

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