How Do People Learn To Draw Well?

by Sarah Bucarro
(St. Tropez)

Leonardo da Vinci Drawing

Leonardo da Vinci Drawing

Not an easy question to answer. The way that I see it is to find a professional tutor who has a proven record and you like his style of drawing. It could be an artist you admire either a current artist well versed in pencil drawing OR one of the "old masters" like Picasso or Leonardo da Vinci.

Both of these artists were brilliant in their drawings and compositions that we can all learn a lot from. These artists could actually explain well how they got the form -- like the human figure -- straight from the tip of their pencils.

You can learn much from studying either one or both from their early beginnings. Notice the shading in Leonardo's drawings and take note of how his shading goes from top right to bottom left. This tells us he was left-handed with his pencils and crayons.

It didn't make one bit of difference to his drawings.

This really goes without saying; to draw really well you must get out your drawing materials and practice daily. Use a whole range of lead pencils from HB hard to 8B very soft. Learn to make your lines sharp and not fuzzy which means you have to keep your pencils sharp all the time. Do not use one of those $2.99 sharpeners -- get an electric/battery one as sometimes it can be a chore to use an el-cheapo one!

Although I do not recommend copying from photos, try it out initially from a black and white image. Photos are 2 dimensional and copying in 2D is for the birds.

Sarah Bucarro
St. Tropez

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Jun 22, 2017
Thank You Sarah
by: Jonathon

Thanks Sarah for your contribution for today. Perhaps for tomorrow, you can write up something for this title; "Where can I get drawing ideas From?"

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