How Do You Look At Art? Is it good, bad or indifferent?

by Dilly Gillespie
(Isipingo RSA)



Many professional artists have to have some knowledge of art through the ages. You will discover as you progress through your art, that long gone artists had problems they tried to solve in their various ways. These problems would include technical, social, aesthetic, philosophical and many other problems.

This is so that we may discover a deeper understanding of our own work. How can we judge a work of art to assess its value and whether it has created any emotional impact on the viewer?

How on earth can we really assess if a work of art is good or bad? Is it subjective or really objective or a combination of both? That's a fifty-four-thousand dollar question.

Must we have a look at at the positive qualities or values by examining what can be perceived as a value of art?

I notice people and gallery curators giving their opinion by the price tag on a work of art. The higher the price, so goes the value which is really nonsense--but this happens often.

Let me have your opinion on how you would judge a work of art. You obviously have to like it first and also you'd have some thoughts about what does it represent to you?

Go to a nearby art gallery and assess your thoughts as we've discussed here.

Dilly Gillespie
July 16th 2017

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Jul 15, 2017
by: Anonymous

This drawing is looking beautiful .

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