How Good does a work of art have to be?

by Jollyon Hooley
(FLA West)

Dark Art Drawing

Dark Art Drawing

How “good” does a work of art have to be to BE GOOD?

We’re talking here about drawing, sketching and painting and can include any form of “arts and crafts.”

So how good does it have to be to be good?

You might think there is no answer. Would it only be art critics who can make an accurate assessment? Sorry, the critics do not have a uniform way of judging what is good or bad.

Most of the Fifth Avenue gallery owners do not have an answer and only take a wild guess and ponder if it is good (for their high-end market customers).

You may have thought about how you can create great art frequently and quickly which is what most artists dream about.

Picasso has painted and drawn over 50,000 pieces in his lifetime. Most of us have not even done a fraction of that!

So how good is good?

An oil painter may pick out all the small technical details of how the paint has been applied or if it has been “scumbled” (lightly painted over to show the color and form underneath) or how far da Vinci dipped his quill in the inkpot to produce the type of line he used to express form!

These are all special intricacies only known by professional artists and THEY are the only people who can assess the painting and ONLY from a technical point of view.

What about the overall aesthetics of the painting? Who can assess that? Sure, this may be esoteric stuff but if a piece of art at one of the big auction houses (i.e. Sotheby’s) sell a new piece of artwork for $millions, does that mean the value as seen by all the prospective buyers at the auction is the key to getting it assessed accurately?

NO! It does not!

You sometimes get an answer that “Art is for self-satisfaction” or “It looks good technically but it does not do anything for me!”

If you do not have a target market (an audience) for your paintings then you may as well put all of them in your attic! Then let them get dusty until you pass on and the value may or may not be worth your efforts when only family or friends will benefit from your creativeness.

So get your paintings NOW in front of your audience and start marketing your work or outsource it to get an exchange rolling in.

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