How To Become a Sketch Artist

by Lee Carlon

Cosmos Bouquet Sketch in Pastel

Cosmos Bouquet Sketch in Pastel

How To Become a Sketch Artist? Well, there is a blunt answer to this question and it is simple enough; practice!

It can be really painful to practice every day maybe for hours on end when these thought of "I gotta get back to my Ninja Games on my iPad!"

The top guys in any sphere of activity (sport, music, writing, athletics -- you name it, practice 8 hours a day) and love every moment of it! Why? Because it pays off at the end of the day.

In the last Olympics, the top US swimmer was in the water for over eight hours a day -- and at night he'd run through in his mind the scene of him winning a bunch of gold medals. And he did it through sheer dedication and passion for the sport.

I used to play the piano scales every day for no more than an hour and it used to drive me nuts - and everyone else within ear shot. So I gave it up, I had no real passion for it.

So the way forward for you is to practice every day even if only for 15 minutes. You can spare 15 minutes every day, right? Just do it then do it for half an hour!

Lee Carlon

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