How To Create the Perfect Painting

by Marcus Sandor
(Hopkins, Belize)

Abstract Forms From the Human Figure

Abstract Forms From the Human Figure

Sorry Guys and Gals, there is no such thing as the perfect painting. How can there be?

Mostly beauty and aesthetics are in the eyes of the viewer and that viewpoint depends very much on education, lifestyle, interests, income (yeah income - see the nouveau riche and their changing taste in decor when the big dineros roll in.)

Who can claim they actually KNOW it is "perfect a painting?" An art gallery owner along Fifth Avenue, NY? I don't think so. Who was it who said "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"

Perhaps when you see miles of people queuing up to see a Picasso exhibition, there must be something pretty good, right? But are these even bordering on perfection?

That brings me to another question: What is great art? In my opinion, great art has quite an emotional impact on the viewer.

You've probably looked at a painting you did not like very much but could not put your finger on it. It just did not look correct or there was something missing.

With a knowledge of art and painting you'd would spot what was not quite correct or what changes needed to be made.

So there is no such thing as perfect art, opinions are purely subjective.

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Dec 18, 2012
Agreement with Marcus
by: Anonymous

Yes, I have to agree with Marcus, the perfect painting may well hang somewhere in the top art Museums of the world - but who is to say a piece of art is perfect?

We all see things subjectively and certainly not objectively due to our background, education and so forth, as Marcus mentioned.

I used to teach art and truly found only those students who were passionate about the subject became a master of their craft. Interestingly, they became less subjective and far more objective probably due to their changing view of the world as their art developed up to professional levels.

Art is a vast subject and therefore is open to all sorts of interpretations. If you ask fifty people to describe red, you will have fifty different reds, all different and not one exactly the same.

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