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Cartoon Funny Face

Drawing is a fabulous way to relieve stress, express and entertain yourself, and entertain others, especially if you have children, or want something to occupy the time of your children.

One of the best (and simplest) drawings to start out learning how to draw is a cartoon funny face, because there is not much that you can do to "mess it up".  Here, we will look at how to draw the ultimate cartoon funny face.

Decide Your Character’s Attitude

First, decide your character’s attitude. His attitude will have a lot to do with the details that you add in later. Is your cartoon funny face meant to look goofy, scary, mean, or something else? Don’t be afraid to experiment. Decide this before you begin.  Or, if you are basing your cartoon funny face of someone you know, you may want to keep a photo of them nearby in order to better create a more realistic drawing.

You can use this basic design of your funny face to draw the same character in lots of silly situations, stories, and much more.

Start With a Head and Add Details

First, draw a head. You may want to start out with just a basic shape as a head, like an oval, a square or a rectangle. From there, you can add details and re-shape it, later. (This is why you should be drawing with a pencil that can be erased).

Then, add details like eyes,  nose, ears, a mouth, and even hair. You can take it a step further if you wish, after you have practiced drawing the same funny face a few times and give your characters bodies and clothing. Remember that you are the artist...what you say goes!

Detail Options

There are plenty of detail options, but characters look the neatest when they seem to "match". By that I mean if you are drawing a character who is mean, give him a mean mouth with spiked teeth. You may also want to think about giving your character pointed eyebrows, and a sharp nose.

If your characters is goofy, think about adding distorted teeth to their big grin. If you want your character to seem just a tad bit unbalanced, think about mixing up the size of their eyes and pupils. Draw their hair to match, too.

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