How To Draw a Cat

Within a Few Easy Steps

how to draw a cathow to draw a cat following these easy steps

Learning how to draw a cat can be a lot of fun if you follow along with these easy steps.

The same steps apply whether you are drawing a small house cat or a lion from Africa—as they are strikingly similar although not in size, only in anatomy and shape.

The cat family's body is almost twice as long as it is high. This also goes for the little kitty-cat to the much larger Leo-the-Lion. The only difference is the shape of the head and the tail. If you see the skeleton of both side-by-side, it will be almost exact except for the size.

Let's start with a simple square as shown in this image below. Mark a straight line horizontally across the center going from A to B. The top half represents the body and we'll add a few more guidelines in step 2 to make it easier.

In this rectangle (in the image below) draw in the triangle at each end of the line marked A to B - also shown in the above drawing. Please notice the original square you drew in which is in all these except for the final one. If you just copy the sketch you'll do just fine.

We'll cover how to draw the cat's head from the front in a tutorial following this one. For now, the key is a simple side view of a cat which can be a lion or a domestic house cat. In this drawing below, we can now put in a few curves with the help of the guidelines and, please notice, this can at this stage, be either a lion or a cat.

Here is the outline of our cat with all the guideline erased. You can draw an outline from this drawing, print it out then scan it in and drop any variety of textures you can get from Photoshop or other pixel editing programs.

This is where you can get really creative with your 2B pencil and eraser. Shade in a rough texture to give an effect of soft hair. You can also add a background texture, a shadow or add something that fits in with your cat that makes up a complete picture. Draw in the front and back right legs as you see here in shadow.

Here Are a Few Ideas For Your inspiration

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