How to Draw a Horse

Learning how to draw a horse can be a trifle daunting with its complex shapes and forms.

We're going to run through some simple steps of using only lines to get the basics in.

Next, you will see how one shape fits into another followed by the finer details of a horse's head with bit and bridle.

The first thing to observe is the overall shape of the head.

Looking at a profile (side view) of the head, notice how the top half is almost a circle and the lower half is coned shaped. These fit in together as you can see here in the first illustration, below left.

Draw freely a circle with a continuous sweep of the hand...not slowly as your line will be wobbly like an old ladies handwriting. Gain a little confidence in drawing circles in one sweep—a good place to start.

Keep trying this on a piece of scrap paper until you feel it is quite easy and simple to do. You'll use this experience in many of your other drawings.

Now draw in the "cone" which is the lower part of the head and connected to the circle and two curved lines for the shape of the neck.

Position the eye carefully otherwise it will not look correct in your finished drawing. Add the ear next which is like a finger pointing to the moon. Now assess your drawing—does it look right? A good artist does not "fiddle" with her drawing, she puts all the lines in with confidence.

Putting in the bridle and bit is simple enough if you can draw this in one continous line. Ignore detail until you have all the basic lines in place. You do not have to copy this bridle design, create your own!

Now the finishing touches, draw in the horses' mane, finish off the ear and nostril with shading underneath the chin and mouth. Looking okay?

Learning how to draw a horse can be loads of fun but please do not take it too seriously, for example "I've got to get this right!" or similar thoughts. Treat it seriously and it will show in your drawing. If your drawing does not look right, it kinda looks alien, then start again. Nothing is lost and you've gained some experience!

Your friends and family may give you unwelcome criticism and you'll feel like giving up and "It is not worth it" attitude. Don't be discouraged, can they do any better? No, not at all! Then how can one take notice if they know nothing about drawing? Value anyone's critique if they are professional artists, certainly not if they've never picked up a pencil.

So get out your sketchbook, start drawing horses or whatever, have fun doing it and you'll win all the way. Let's see your artwork on this site!

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