How To Draw a Landscape IMO and Experience

by Peter Nell

Landscape in the Eastern Style

Landscape in the Eastern Style

You start off with a thumbnail sketch about 4 inches wide by about 3 inches tall. You work initially only with white, black and a middle tone gray. The gray should be exactly between the white and black.

Now why would you start off your rough drawing like this?

Simple. You have this marvellous landscape and you need your rough image to balance - not too much contrast on one side and nothing on the other.

You need to make sure you apply the "rule of thirds" where you divide you small sketch into three parts horizontally and the same vertically.

This is because your main focal point must be on one of the thirds where one line crosses another. This is important and all professional artists use it in their paintings and drawings.

You LEAD your viewers eyes gently in on the least contrasting forms to your main focal point and let it flow to the strongest one. This is easy to do with a little experience.

Does your rough sketch look balanced? Is the horizon line exactly half way up your sketch - if so, change it! Never use a horizon line to divide up your drawing, it is a sign of the amateur.

Once you are happy with your thumbnail sketch and everything looks really cool, start on your large drawing and be meticulous of some of the points mentioned here to create a great drawing.

Submitted by Peter Nell
March 2013

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