Learn How to Draw a Pig

Learn how to draw a pig if you want to really have a fun time! Who would not smile at the site of a cute, fat and plump pig? I’ve always wondered why pigs are often being laughed at. Sure, there is something funny about them like their “Oink-Oink” sounds and probably the fact that they are plump and, well I really hate to say the word – FAT.

I know it’s rude to laugh at somebody for being fat. It’s not exactly the greatest complement and you should know that. So right now, I want to give the entire piggy community the respect it deserves. I don’t want pigs to hate me for the rest of their lives and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that either.

How do we start honouring the pigs? Instead of making fun of them, why don’t we try to look at them differently? Well, this is a sure way to beat boredom by simply drawing something that’s far from the ordinary. So let’s draw a pig!

First impression is not always the last, right? Just because pigs are always being thought of as rounded and chubby doesn’t mean that they can’t be healthy. Hey, just a thought— kids play in playgrounds, grown-ups exercise in gyms and pigs get plump in their pig pens. How about we change that into; pigs “get in shape” in piggy gyms? Yes, pigs can get in shape – round is a shape, isn’t it?

Let’s learn how to draw a pig in gym clothes while sweating it out inside the piggy gym. That would be totally cool because who would ever think that pigs could care enough for their figures and would go out of their way to skip a meal, watch their diet, and decide to be active?

Before laughing at the idea of a pig lifting some dumbbells and doing the Pilates work out, take some time to consider what the pigs might be feeling. They have feelings, too, you know. Just like humans, maybe a total make-over can make them happy. We’ll never know for sure.

The idea can’t be that hilarious because physical fitness is such a great cause. People unite in brotherhood for that ultimate goal of being slim and healthy. Through your pig drawings, now may be the perfect time for the pigs to finally unite also in “pighood” for that same ultimate goal of being fat, err… I mean, fit! (I guess I almost got myself into trouble with that speech. But, wasn’t it awesome?)

Drawing something that is out of the ordinary is fun and a great way to beat your worst friend named Boredom. Give the pigs a huge favour this time and try to draw them in a more complementing manner.

It can’t be that bad because pigs are cute and adorable by nature. Become their fairy godmother or their genie in a bottle for today. Give them a complete make over through your drawing. I wonder if a pig would choose to lift a dumbbell over a sumptuous meal in real life. But hey, it’s still worth a shot to draw a piggy fitness guru. Who knows, it might change other people’s minds about pigs being all about food.

Follow these simple steps on How To Draw a Pig...your pig can be any shape really so starting off with only a blob or a roundish shape as pigs are, you should find it easy.

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