Learn How To Draw a Rat

Perhaps learning how to draw a rat is not everyone’s cup of tea? Some of us regard rats as monstrously filthy creatures while maybe a few of us think of them as adorable little Ratatouille’s (see the movie?) ready to cuddle up on your pillow!

So you might say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? I guess you are on this page so you can learn to draw a rat? Why do you want to draw one, would it be for a cartoon strip or just a fun thing for your friends?

So you might want your rat to look like one of those scary black ones showing their teeth. Or a cute pink one you’d like to kiss? Well, we can do all types here so we’ll start off with the basic rat shape – just an elongated cartoon dude.

 As you know, a rat is a long-tailed rodent who is always hungry and scrounging for food. They all like to have their family nearby as you saw in the Ratatouille movie.

So we’ll start off with the "pet rat" which is called "fancy rat" in rat parlance – this is a highly developed creature, intelligent and bred only for pets for humans to enjoy. Although most rats are black or dark gray, we’ll keep ours white so it looks loveable.

This rat below is cartoon style which is the easiest to start off with. Later we can start on more realistic rats. I’ll also add a video clip to show you how easy it is to draw.

Start by drawing a long sauasage shape, draw 2 black eyes and place them near the middle: draw the ears above it as shown here, then add in all the other siimple details like the nose and the tail, a few whiskers, feet, and you're done.

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