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Learning How To Draw Anime can be a real hoot while developing your drawing skills.

This one is about drawing Horsea

To sketch anything and everything is to look and draw, look and draw.

The more adroit your drawing skills become, the less time you will spend looking and the more time you will spend on line formation.

One of the first hurdles to overcome is a lack of self confidence in your imagery, and drawing Anime for practice is a great exercise to train your mind to think in cartoons.

So, if you want to learn how to draw Anime, Horsea is your best friend to get started with. Why Horsea? Because it is one of the simplest images to start off with. The real Anime Girl (above left) is far more difficult for those just getting started.

anime girl drawingAnime Girl Drawing

How To Draw Horsea
Learning how to draw Anime is pretty basic with minimal detailing and a lot of clean, open lines.

To get started with Horsea, draw a circle for the head and a smaller circle on the lower portion of the left side of the face for the mouth (see drawing.)

You don't want to start drawing with the horns because your proportions and basic body outline needs to be set to fill your drawing space and balance with the Horsea body area. Horsea is one of the simplest Anime characters to draw.

Remember that Horsea's eyes are wide set and formed from elongated loops, not rounded circles, and are placed above the imaginary center line on Horsea's face. Add three chunky horns to each side of the face and begin to work your way down to the pear-shaped body.

Like drawing a thin beehive, keep Horsea's main frame thinner than the head size and extend your body line about twice the length of Horsea's face. Horsea's trademark tail is wide and chunky and try to curl the end around just one time like a cinnamon roll. Too much curl, and he is no more Horsea, but has become another creature you may not recognize.

The inside details to your finished Horsea include striping the body with horizontal strokes evenly separated from top to bottom, however, be sure to keep the lateral lines free and clear of Horsea's tail. The centerpiece to Horsea's face is his large and expressive eyes, so a little spatial planning is in order to make his expression pop. Horsea's elongated round-like eyes are separated with an upward half-moon arc placed just below the center area. The top portion of his eyes are shaped like a strawberry and filled in with your pencil.

Be sure to attach the colored portion of the eye to the top circle of the eye outline to give Horsea some emotive powers. Horsea's mouth is done by creating a smaller circle inside the one you have already drawn, fill it in with dark color and connect to his face with two parallel lines. Erase your guidelines and mistaken edges and you're done. Horsea is easy and the more you practice him, the better he's going to look.

Once you've mastered Horsea, we'll learn how to draw more complex Anime characters like Totoro, Monkey D. Luffy, the fierce-looking Vegeta or the delightful Haruhi Suzumiyaho who ventures into all sorts of things. If you like Ninja's then Jubei Kibagami is your man with his lightening moves. There's lots of fun drawing and painting Anime characters so let's work together in learning how to draw Anime.

There will be another more advanced page on how to draw Anime soon; also Manga, Hentai and other Japanese cartoons. Stay tuned.

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