How to Draw Bubble Letters

Learning how to draw bubble letters (or fonts) is child’s play, it is as simple as drawing circles but not with a compass but drawing it in free hand. What do you think bubble letters are? Yeah, right. They are letters shaped like bubbles and so they should be fairly easy for you to draw.

Bubble and balloon letters are seen mostly in graffiti free style on walls and buildings where it all originated from way back in the 1960’s when grandma could verbalize all about psychedelic art, the Beatles, LSD, racism, war, politics and, above all, freedom for the individual. This was termed "The Swinging Sixties."

This is where bubble letters and graffiti art blossomed.

If you have no drawing skills, this style of lettering is a walk in the park for you—easy as pie. All you need is a large wall to express yourself—or perhaps start off with a small sketchpad and copy a few of the letters here (by the way, letters are called fonts on the internet so call them bubble fonts).

Design Your Own Bubble Letters, Oooops I mean Bubble Fonts
An important thing to remember in bubble fonts is you have to use all caps, no lower case, well, not until you are really professional. If you have a look at most graffiti fonts drawn on walls, you’ll see they are all in caps,  (capital letters) there’s not much lower case, if any. If you are brave you can find a nice wall which should be conspicuous for your art which might end up in the "Hall of Fame." Your wall must not be flakey so make sure it is a nice even surface to paint on so you are is preserved for future generations.

Bubble art, fonts and lettering is all part of American pop culture.

Start off your bubble alphabet in your sketchbook by drawing a large capital A, B and C. See drawing above. You are only going to draw in a circular fashion with a few circles with flattened sides (no straight lines at all) as in the example here capital D. And so draw a normal capital D in a faint line using a soft pencil then go over it with a much stronger line drawing in bubbles as shown in this example.

All the letters of the alphabet can be drawn this way in your own unique style. Below, here are a few fonts for you to get inspiration from.

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