How to Draw Cars and
Other Modes of Transportation

How To Draw Cars

Learning how to draw cars and anything mechanical with wheelsthat move along a road or sidewalk including trucks, buses, bicycles, strollers, tricycles, roller skates or anything else to do with transportation is easy and follows the same basic concepts. This section will also cover lots of things without wheels from airplanes, choppers, rockets, spaceships, UFO's, boats etc.

Getting to know how to draw cars, trucks and all vehicles is not that difficult when you know a few basic principles. That's the key of course. You CAN draw, in fact anyone can draw whether 8 or 80. Do children lack confidence when they are drawing or painting? Not at inhibitions which makes it so creative with color, flair and style. So perhaps it is just a consideration (a mindset) that it is difficult.

Can I show you how easy it is?

In drawing anything, you visualize those basic shapes you know so well--the square, rectangle, oval (or circle) and the triangle--and you see how any of these four basic shapes fit into that vehicle you are going to draw. All the small shapes fit into one large shape, the vehicle.

Let's see how this can work for you. Leave out the fancy muscle cars for now and see if you can get a large picture or photograph of a truck, any make or model will do. Use this as a guideline only--as creativity is the key--and you'll enjoy drawing it in this way.

Draw a large elongated rectangle as shown in this image, then a square the same width as the rectangle. You now need the three circles to represent the wheels--two at the back and one for the cab. Done that? Is it beginning to look like a truck with these three basic shapes?

Okay, now all we have to do with this simple drawing is to draw a line as shown in this picture to indicate where the cabs windshield is, then another line for the side window, and you're done!

Show us your car drawings here! 

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