How to Draw Cartoon Flowers

 It's As Easy as Child's Play

Basic circles for the petals in drawing cartoon flowersBasic Circles For The Petals

How to draw cartoon flowers is actually one of the easiest things to draw and master. 

You can become very good at this in about an hour or two.

With cartoon flowers, you are not trying to make it look realistic at all—but this is the initial step to sketching realistic flowers before graduating to  drawing flowers like the pros.

If you can draw small circles, you can master drawing cartoon flowers. See the simple drawings just below on this page as a guide; copy them if you like but that aint necessary as you have the skill to start drawing them right away.

Start by drawing the center with a circle; see illustration here. Draw all your cartoon flowers freehand, they look so much better than those mechanically drawn (compass or computer.)

Now you've drawn the large circle, then draw 7 or 8 smaller ones around the large one. These should be drawn in very loosely.

Next, you'd draw a straight line in the middle for a stem. Now you will want a few cartoon leaves which will be a similar shape to your lips. Okay, you should now have a cartoon flower drawing in outline. Next, color it in to your hearts desire and use your brightest crayons—that'll make it come to life.

Try the next simple cartoon flower which will be created by using "U" shapes only. This is really easy and fast so you can amaze your buddies with your new skills.

U-shapes to create the petalsU-shapes to create the petals

Start with a small "U" shape (almost closed up) which will be the middle of your flower—see illustration here. These "U" shapes can be drawn sideways, upside-down or whatever.

As you continue to draw and get to the outer edges of your flower, the "U" shapes get larger and largeruntil the size is about how you want it.

As you did in the first flower, draw a line down from the middle, the stem, and a few leaves like your first drawing. Try and keep these flower petals (the U shapes) completely random—and keep your flower "balanced" —not to many petals one side or the other otherwise it will look lopsided.

You see how easy it is to draw cartoon flowers? And a Grade 2 student can draw it blindfolded. Have fun drawing these and don't forget to sign up for the free ebook on "A Beginners Guide to Drawing" which you will find is a great book to have. It is in PDF format and is a fast download from the link below.

Now try copying some of these cartoon flowers below: 

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