How to Draw Cartoons

Exaggerate Details Like The Pros

Try Drawing President Trump! You've probably seen him a lot on TV and elswhere. 

Drawing Cartoon Faces

There a trillions of cartoons of Trump - try drawing a few cartoons of him - it is so easy to get a likeness, draw his hairpiece and those awful mouth and lip shapes he pulls when spouting! Go on, try it!

Let's see how you can exaggerate...

Then load them up here with many other trumps. 

Getting started on how to draw cartoons is easy with just a little imagination and a carefree attitude from your pen.

Drawing cartoons is your chance to bring a character into being that didn't exist yesterday, so be sure to let yourself go and really bring him to life. The first rule of order is that there are no rules. Cartoon characters are not held in the same confines as life drawings, so whatever you say, goes.

Exactly how to draw cartoons is up to you, however, these tried and true guidelines from the experts will get you heading in the right direction.

Facial profile of cartoon charactersNotice all the facial features

Keep It Clean and Simple

Drawing cartoon lines requires a free and loose wrist to keep the surfaces wide, open and flowing. Cartooning is not the format for fine detailing and intricate lines.

Simple shapes are brought to life with large animated eyes and exaggerated facial features to bring out the comedy in your head. The easiest basic shape can breathe life with a little clever design, perhaps best represented by Nickelodeon's Sponge Bob drafted from a simple square. Set forth your outer design and work within your space.

Large and Expressive Eyes

The Disney Studios set the bar high for drawing cartoon excellence for animal, human and uniquely conceived characters. The key to adding emotion and fire into your cartoon character is to make the eyes the dominant feature on the face. The Disney technique employs big eyes, small noses and at least one unique characteristic to add to the mix.

Simple cartoons to draw

Don't Tell Me What To Do

Part of being an artist is the cart-blanche final say so on how you want your product to look. Remember that until the cartoon drawing is made, no one can see it except you. Go with your gut and don't be afraid to take chances. The best art is cutting edge and knows how to break the mold. Your cartoons can be anything you want them to be with no right or wrong way to create them. You have power in that pen, so use it.

Freelance Experimentation

If you need to work your creative powers out on paper, join the club. Many artists sample lines, waves, colors, expressions and so on to get their final finished product. Keep an opened mind and toss what you don't want in the trash. Trying new things is part of the creative process, and you have the final say so as to what makes it through the drawing board. Remember to think outside the box and drum up a wild world where there are no rules.

Sketching is easy with cartoon charactersNotice all the facial features

Drawing Materials

Color and texture can add a lot to your creative process, so you may opt to use a variety of drawing instruments. Crayons are great for a rough and wide edge, though colored pencils offer a similar effect and may be easier to control for the unskilled drawing hand. Charcoal sticks add power and dimension to your lines and can be rubbed out quickly to lighten and shade an area. In addition, the good old number HB pencil never goes out of style to get your images drafted and taking shape.

Share Your Cartoons

When you have completed your cartoon upload it here to be published on this site then invite comments from fellow cartoonists, friends and family. Also add your comments on the subject of how to draw cartoons!

You can copy any of these cartoon sketches below, notice the basic shapes in each cartoon.

Feel the  cartoon expressions in your drawing

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