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Mother and father goose dressed upMother and father goose dressed up!

Exaggerated features and plainly out of the ordinary images best describes crazy cartoons. When you ask people who their favorite cartoon characters are, they would most likely name a character with a crazy feature – maybe an alien, animal, robot, monster, or even a person with an extraordinary characteristic or zany feature.

What Materials Would you need to Begin?

Cat with mouse on his back having a gameCat with mouse on his back having a game
Two cats out for a walk along by the riverTwo cats out for a walk along by the river

In order to start drawing crazy cartoons, you would need scratch paper or typing paper for doodling and sketching. When you are ready to draw your finished product, you can use vellum paper or Bristol drawing paper.

Other tools that you would need are a ruler, eraser, and drawing pencils.  If you want more advanced drawing materials, use charcoal pencils, non-photo blue pencils, or technical drafting pencils. In order to enhance final art work, use waterproof black India ink or ballpoint pens. 

There are many drawing pens available in the market these days, just find one that would suit your drawing style.

2 cats playing with small girl2 cats playing with small girl
Cat in box with head popping out the topCat in box with head poking out the tOP

In order to produce colored crazy cartoons, beginners usually need acrylic paint, inks, or watercolor paint. More advanced cartoonists color their drawings using Photoshop.

Here are some important guidelines on how to draw crazy cartoons:

1.   Tap into your imagination.

Drawing crazy is made more enjoyable if you let your imagination run wild.

2. Notice features in people or animals that you can exaggerate.

A good cartoonist is a good observer, someone who can exaggerate a feature, a piece of clothing, tattoos, or body parts to make them look funny and exaggerated.

3.   Think of your character as a personality.

More than their funny faces and exaggerated clothes and features, think of your drawings as having vivid personalities.  If you think about it, the most memorable crazy cartoon characters look very funny but also have great personalities, with human quirks, flaws, and strengths.

Cat showing off her new bibCat showing off her new bib

Cat sitting in armchairCat sitting in armchair

Getting Started

If you are a beginner, work with different basic shapes (squares, circles, and triangles) to start drawing the body and face of your crazy cartoon character. Then exaggerate main features and add various accessories to make your drawing pop and stand out.

Drawing a Crazy Cartoon Face

Drawing a crazy cartoon face starts with a face shape.  Decide whether your face will be an oval, a circle, or any other shape you can think of. Create a curved cross right across the shape face.

This helps in eye placement. Crazy cartoon eyes could be big bulging cartoony eyes. Another great option for cartoon eyes is drawing one big eye and one small eye, with the smaller eye having a bigger pupil for a lopsided, droopy effect.

Exaggerate key facial features – cheeks, eyebrows, nose, or mouth. An exaggerated eyebrow could look overly arched on both sides, giving your face a look of perpetual wonderment. An overly exaggerated eyebrow that arched from the middle of the eye could give a look of anger or perplexity.  You can do so many things with an exaggerated brow. 

An exaggerated mouth is also something that is interesting to draw. You could create very thick, red lips, or you could draw a mouth with the character’s tongue sticking out.  Accessorizing is also important when drawing a crazy cartoon face.  You could draw a crazy hat, or have your character wear weird glasses or jewelry. 

Drawing a Crazy Cartoon Body

Your powers of observation and rich imagination are needed in order to draw a crazy cartoon body.  Look at people and observe their distinct physical characteristics. Use a special gait, a mole, a mannerism or a distinct body part as inspiration for drawing bodies.  Use your imagination to draw on crazy clothes and accessories.

Remember that you are only limited by your own imagination when you draw crazy cartoons. Even one of the greatest artists of all time, Pablo Picasso, says that “Everything you can imagine is real.” 

Most of all have fun!

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