How To Draw Dragons

With Fire and Ferocity

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How To Draw Dragons

Ever seen a real live dragon? Any idea what is looks like and behaves in everyday life? Me neither.

Artists have been drawing this mythical fire-breathing creature for a very long time purely from their imagination.

Artists from way back drew these dragons with ideas coming from the dinosaurs and, as you'll notice, they are similar in many ways except of course dragons can fly - or can they?

This gave birth to new and fierce-looking creatures when artists took it further with the dragon's ability to breathe fire. How did they manage to do this? That is an imponderable so you will have to use your imagination.

As there is no such thing as a dragon in real life, its image comes from our imagination. Having said that, there are no rules or guidelines on what dragons are like to draw but it is best to follow a few basic examples on drawing and sketching—so let your imagination run wild with the forms and shapes once you've got these basics under your belt.

Do you know how easy it is to start drawing these dragons? Very easy. I won't bore you by saying "Practice and more practice" because if you have a passion for drawing these magical creatures—you will practice anyway—because you'll love it!

You can of course become one of the great dragon artists if you live, sleep and eat them, right? Okay, let's start off by deciding on your dragon's personality and physical characteristics. Is he going to be big, short and squat, fierce or just have a friendly face? Dragons can be menacingly frightening or just a creature looking for comfort or a little love (maybe he's heard about St. George?)

The nasty dragons will have large sharp teeth, sharp talons, horns and spikes and thick slimey scales. His fiery breath will be a force-ten enough to singe and burn anything within a radius of 100 feet. You have been warned not to get too close.

Why don't we start off with the friendly dragon, a creature you don't mind keeping in your back yard to keep the flies and insects away? Watch his diet, remember you don't have to cook his food.

Step One
Draw in the basic shapes of the head as shown in this example. Two circles joined by two lines. Draw a simple freehand circle.

Step Two
Now draw in two triangles to represent the ears and the neck which will be about the same thickness as the top of the head. See, it is almost beginning to look like a horses head.

Step Three
Add all the details like the eyes. horns, ears, scales and erase the guidelines as in this illustration. More details coming on this page on How To Draw Dragons—so keep watch as more dragon sketches are added. There are some dragon sketches below to get your dragon juices flowing!

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