How To Draw Elephants

 It Could Not Be Easier

Rembrandt's Elephant DrawingRembrandt's Elephant Drawing

How to draw elephants looks so simple and I'm sure you'll find it easy when you've drawn them a few times!

If you follow along with these steps and watching the video below, you will be drawing always in a happy mood – and happy moods make wonderful drawings. Right?

How to Draw an ElephanyHow to Draw an Elephant

Elephants are one of my favorite animals to draw, and I love them as they are such social creatures.

Let’s start off with some basic elements, look at the very basic shape in this elephant drawing – what do you see it as? It is like a large rectangle with rounded corners. Do you see this? Half close your eyes and look again. This is the beginning of how to draw elephants.

All of nature, animals, plants, and trees, all fit into very basic shapes – including everything man-made on Planet Earth. There’s no getting away from it. Knowing this will make your drawings easier and therefore more fun to draw.

The elephant’s body-shape is only broken up with its huge trunk, and a dinky tail at the rear end to balance things up a little. As you know, some elephants have tusks and some do not. Do you know which? For this exercise we’ll leave out the tusks.

Next are the bulky legs that look a bit like tree stumps (I am not being unfair to elephants). These legs have to carry quite a load so they must be drawn showing strength – in other words very heavy.

Now put in the “toes” (sesamoids) of which there are five on each foot. The elephant is the only mammal where the legs are vertical below the body hence the “toes” acting as pads to soften their great load!

Now draw in those huge ears. Why do you think they are so large? It is basically to release the heat from the body like a coolant  – certainly not to hear more efficiently. These are easy to draw and come in all shapes and sizes.

As I mentioned, they are very social mammals and like to communicate with their trunks, touching and feeling each other, especially the mother and her calf.

For this tutorial on How To Draw Elephant, start at number one at the top and copy the outline as near as you can get it. You can see the body shape is one large oval, start with that and then draw in the legs with straight lines.

Then go onto number 2 which gives you an idea of proportion and the legs and trunk are round - so copy those in until you get a "feel" for a 3D dimension.

The rest are small details like the position of the eye, the ears will be quite east as well as the tail - and don't forget the toenails. Last step is to color in whatever you like. I like pink elephants.

And when you're done. load them up on this site - share your drawings with other visitors here!

Watch a video Clip Here on How To Draw Elephants

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