How To Draw Fairies
From Your Imagination

How To Draw Fairies

Fairies have captured the fancy of young minds for hundreds of years and this wispy and endearing figure has been through many visual changes.

The art of how to draw fairies reaches from Disney's Tinkerbell to Ireland's mythological ladies, with a time tested image that has stirred the imagination of children, adults and above all, artists.

Drawing your own special fairies is a chance to run wild with imagination and create the fairy in your head for all to see. Like werewolves, vampires and a host of other make believe creatures, drawing your own unique fairy has no legitimate boundaries or guidelines. With pen and paper in hand, you are the boss. In other words, your fairy drawing is free indeed to become whatever your creative powers dictate.

To keep somewhat in line with the traditional fairy image, you may wish to incorporate a few tried and true traits to distinguish your fairy from another sort of creature.

Fairies are generally thought to be benevolent, and therefore, should exude a calm and tranquil face. She favors a long and lean body type and may not be mistaken for a Greek mythology cherub. In addition, her wings are light as a feather, creating a delicate form around her angelic body composition.

Finally, be sure to have fun with your fairy's clothing using garments gathered at the waist to show off her slim figure and leave a little leg room to dazzle with dainty ankles.

If you need a little help to generate your own ideas, you might as well learn from the experts. Fairy art soars to new heights from the mind of artist William Blake and his rendition of frolicking fairies in the master works of Oberon, Titania and Puck With Dancing Fairies.

The key to bringing out the lifeblood of your fairy drawings is to give them motion and animation, a skill that will come naturally with a bit of practice. Learning to draw fairies is just as easy as any other art form, and if you ask a young artist, the fairy drawing is number one for fun and limitless imagination. 

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