How To Draw Flames,
Fierce and Gentle, Nasty and Hot!

Drawing Flames Simply

How to draw flames is fairly simple if you follow a few basic shapes. Before starting to draw flames, loosen up your wrist and hand as you will be drawing flowing lines—doing a little random scribbling helps. Why?

The difference is freedom of your stroke giving a nice clean curve—not a wobbly tight line or an uncertain one you usually see with beginners.

Practice drawing large 'S' shapes as that is the basic line you will be using to form your flames, thereby making your lines come alive!

When observing a flame, notice it is lighter and yellower in the "eye" of the flame—that is where it starts from. The color does change with more orange and red towards the edges of the flame.

However, flames are not all yellow-orange-red although most are. The color of the flame depends on what is being burnt. Some gases have a green flame while others have a blue one (acetylene flame is blue.) Color also depends on oxygen supply—there's no flame without oxygen as you know.

Flames become cooler and redder towards the edges, and create more smoke due to incomplete combustion. So they are yellow-white in the middle, then yellow to orange to red on the outer edges.

So decide on what you want to burn so that your color is correct—unless of course you want to go a little "off the wall" with your creativeness and draw pink and violet flames. But first, follow along with this basic illustration with your large 'S' shape which is pretty much like a leaf. Then draw in smaller random 'S's as shown. Once you are happy with it, get out your yellow, orange and red crayons—and you're done!

Flames are fascinating to draw, they dance, they attract moths, people gather around them not only for warmth but also comfort and friendship.

George Bernard Shaw said "Life is a flame always burning itself out, but it catches fire again when a child is born."

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