How to Draw Funny
Things in Different Ways

Don't We All Love Funny Drawings?

These things are the product of combining creativity and humor all in one piece. This is why funny drawings are not just an enjoyable thing to do for the artists but also for people who view and read these funny drawings.

Unlike what other people perceive, funny drawings are not only for the young viewers but also to grown-ups, which are called “political cartoons” because of their deeper and political meanings in today’s society.

Whether you’re a visual artist or not, anybody has the ability to come up with something funny to draw, which can be anything around you, by simply making normal things to their satirical forms.

Your ideas or your ways to draw those funny things solely depend on you, so whether you want to draw a tiger with wings or a dog smoking a cigarette will all depend on your creativity and the joke or punchline you want to show.

However, fun things to draw can be categorized to four main things: caricatures, puns, drawings as joke, and stick drawings.

·         Caricatures

Caricatures are usually defined as an imitation of a person or a thing through exaggerated features that make the whole artwork look comical.

Usually, this kind of artwork is famous in doing political cartoons that are eminent in the editorial page of newspapers. This kind of funny drawings is also used as gifts to family members or your friends as many people consider these as more fun to look at than the usual realistic portraits.

This is becoming more normal these days since we all want to see caricature versions of us, don’t we?

To draw a fun caricature, the main idea is to give emphasis on the subject’s face and making the rest look smaller while making everything that cartoony feel. This is why most caricatures have big heads and small bodies.

·         Visual puns

Puns can either be too corny or ridiculously funny for people. Puns could have drawings or just the puns, themselves. On the other hand, puns can be more funny if accompanied by a visual representation, making them more appealing as well. 

One example is this: 

Sketches like this is a clever way to make people laugh through your pun instead of the other way around. However, for some, it could not be that easy to do these kinds of visuals as these things may require skill.

On the other hand, letting your creativity out and practicing to come up with these kinds of visuals could be a fun moment for you to do artful things while making your friends laugh in a gathering or a party. 

·         Drawings and materials as the jokes

Visuals definitely create a joke more fun. However, fun drawings do not always necessarily have to be drawn on a piece of paper. Through being creative with your resources, you can already make people smile and laugh while you are also being an environmentalist by saving trees in making papers.

One example is this:

In a nutshell, there are certain jokes that need visuals to be considered as jokes, especially in today’s time where everyone is fonder of visuals than just plain texts. Through this method, jokes are loved even more by people and makes them easier to be shared.

Examples of jokes that need to be drawn to be considered as “jokes” are these shown.

Making funny drawings like these can make other people look at thing in a different perspective while making your jokes unforgettable to them. 

  • Stick drawings

Lastly, funny drawings are not only for extremely talented artists. If you have a humorous mind but not a great artist, you can still make people laugh through creating funny drawings.

One of these ways is through stick drawings, which composed of very simple shapes to represent people and the jokes, themselves

An example is this one:

Since this kind of funny drawing is very simple and easy to do, anyone can do it in an instant.

So, if you think you’re not that good in sketching or drawing complicated visuals and you want to make a pun or a joke that needs to be represented visually, doing a stick drawing is one of the options for you.

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