How To Draw Furries Online

Drawing Furries

How to draw furries is a great way to open your mind to creativity and sketch yourself a fun and fantastic finished artwork.

No rules and no boundaries, sketching furries puts you in the driver's seat for a unique and original design.

Drawing Teddy Bears
Your first furry creature on the drawing board should be something with fond memories and easy to tackle. So let's start off with Teddy, Okay?

For most artists of any age, drawing a teddy bear is a warm fuzzy experience and sure to make you smile. How to draw furries like Teddy enables you to use a solid foundation with a circular pattern that keeps your teddy bear in perspective and balanced on every side.

Drawing Circles For the Body
Your teddy bear drawing begins with two large circles, one for the head and the other for the trunk of the body. Your foundational circles are just guide lines to get the shape you want and will be erased or filled in during the finishing touches on your teddy.

Circle The Limbs
To create balanced and believable limbs for your teddy bear, draw a narrow and elliptical circle from the arm and leg sockets. These circles should radiate outward at a slight angle to give your teddy an open and inviting appeal.

Drawing A Teddy Bear Face
Now that the circular pattern has given you the base for the body, your circle work has just began. A teddy bear head, ears, nose and eyes are going to follow the same pattern with simple circles. The teddy bear nose will actually have two circles, one inside the other to create an illusion of depth. The outer circle should be large and represent a similar size as the ears. The smaller circle inside the nose should be similar in size to the eyes and you are done with the circles and ready to fill him in.

Bring Your Furry To Life
Your teddy bear may wish to wear some hip and happening clothes, and his best option to show off his features are the old-fashioned shorts and suspenders. The teddy clothing should be drawn to fit loosely, so be sure to oversize his pants and keep the garment detailing to a minimum. Furry Teddies artwork makes an excellent design for home made greeting cards, stationery, and iron-on transfers for clothing. So get to work and perfect your skills. You will get a lot of good use from your unique teddy bear sketches.

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Here's a Cute Furry Bear and Easy To Draw 

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