How To Draw Nature
The Easy Way

 Step-By-Step With Your Pencil

How to draw Nature step-by-stepHow to draw nature

Nature can mean many things to many people. How to draw nature here means such things as animals, plants, landscapes, birds, insects, fish, cats and dogs, and we can squeeze in a few dinosaurs or dragons.

On these pages, I’ve created links to animal pages which covers a wide variety of species including mythical animals like dragons, werewolf's, vampires and wolverines (the comic types) which will take you to a page on "How To Draw..." that particular animal if it is not shown here

We'll start here with the natural things like plants, trees and flowers which are the simplest things to draw because they are organic in shape and you do not have to think about perspective. Perspective means the size (for example) of trees diminishing in size as they go further away from you.

How to draw nature can be painless if we start with a potted plant with lots of leaves. Now leaves come in all shapes and sizes so we'll start with the simplest shapes. One of these simple shapes can be drawn with these two characters on your keyboard like this (I) or a 0 with a line through the middle for a vein. Draw these with your pencil, not on your keyboard. Then draw a simple flower as shown in this example.

The target here is to draw a plant in a pot and make it look realistic.We’ll make this as simple as possible so please follow along here:

Draw roughly this V-shape with a 'lip' about an inch below the top one.

A simple shape for your flower box

Next step is to draw about three or four circles for the flower heads—and don’t forget to make it look natural by a flower overhanging the edge as shown here:

Some basic steps on drawing nature

Draw in the stems next, about three or four, and start drawing in your leaves. Make the flower heads different sizes and break up the flower head with small curves. Then erase all your guidelines and you'll have a knockout! With practice—just a little every day—you will become a master.

Draw nature using these simple steps

You can learn more about nature sketches here, from fauna to animals and a collection from Mother Nature,

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