How To Draw Pokemon

If You Can Draw Circles
You Can Draw Pokemon

This is how to draw Pokemon

Learning how to draw Pokemon is a lesson in simplicity. These cult classic characters are easy to draw and make a big impression for your growing art collection.

Once you have the distinctive Pokemon style mastered, it's easy to interchange the characters and draw each figure with skill and confidence.

Draw With A Free Range Of Motion
Anime characters are easy to draw once you get the rhythm and swing in your wrist and arm. Pokemon shapes consist of large, clean, free flowing lines with little detailing to complicate your artwork.

The trick to executing a long and unbroken line is to lift your hand off the drawing paper and use a full or partial arm swing to make your strokes.

The more you use a professional artist's arm swing, the more confident your lines will become. The first few attempts might produce a shaky outline, however, with minimal practice, your Pokemon outlines will quickly become second nature. To develop the artist's arm swing quickly, be sure to raise your canvas or paper at an angle or use an easel while you draw.

Easy To Draw Pokemon Characters
The best place to start is with the simplistic Pokemon figures that are composed of minimal lines, facial features and detailing.

Cute characters such as Hoppip, the happy pig, Psyduck, the egg-shaped bird, and Snorlax, the cuddly cat are excellent choices to begin your Pokemon drawings and build your art skills. Pikachu is a real crowd pleaser, and although simplistic in design, he does require some animated motion to capture his perky personality.

Color and Clarity
You may have noticed that the Pokemon series does not use a color blending scheme, but rather, sticks to vibrant primary colors with bold contrasts. Less is best and just a few pop art colors will bring your Pokemon to life.

Simple as ABC to draw

See the above Pokemon image? It is quite simple to draw. You start off with two ovals, then add the arms and legs. Then add the final details like the ears and mouth. And the final step is getting your brightest colors and coloring him in.

How to draw Pokemon, as well as Pikachu and other characters,consists of just three hues: yellow body, black eyes and accents, and pink for his rosy cheeks. If you are new to drawing and painting, drawing Pokemon is the perfect head start you need to learn to work with basic outlines and kick it up a notch with color.

The concept of Pokemon is so simple, yet so effective, this line of characters is world famous in books, video games, toys, manga and more. Maybe you would like to make your own Pokemon images for T-shirt transfers, decoupage or adding a personal artistic touch to a wrapped gift. 

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