How To Draw Straight Lines

by Jollyon Hooley
(Ft Hudson)

Scribble Drawing

Scribble Drawing

"Look where you are going, not where you've been!"

Is the secret. Place two marks on your drawing paper with any measurement between them...put your pencil on one mark and focus your eyes on the other mark. Now let your hand join them. It will move in a straight line just as in reaching for something.

Try this a few times, up and down, across at an angle from right to left.

Go on, try it! You can now say you do not need a ruler to draw a straight line. Curved lines you can draw the same way. Curved lines are sometimes called "flat, round, reverse or just S."

To draw a curve, space three marks on your paper, not a line. Now look where you are going...your arm and hand will swing freely to join them in a smooth curve - whether flat or round.

Using four marks, do the same for a reverse.

Having problems drawing straight lines or curves? That's because you tried to sneak up on the point you wished to reach using short, jerky movements of your hand!

Your accuracy comes with trained vision and a little practice. Extraneous lines give your drawing more life and character - that is, if they are drawn freely.

Okay, now let's see if you can draw straight lines without a ruler AND never say "I can't even draw a straight line!"

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