How To Draw Wolverine

Here is the original Wolverine Cartoon

How To Draw Wolverine

If you are new to drawing then learning how to draw Wolverine may be quite a challenge. But if you follow the steps set out below you will quickly discover that creating Wolverine drawings is a challenge and fun!

After just a little practice, drawing this fierce mutant dude with his three scary retracting bone claws soon becomes a piece of cake.

The huge bulging muscles of this famous Marvel Comic hero are his most important feature and making those look like real is your main goal when making Wolverine drawings.

First of all you want to make sure you have all the basic shapes on paper. Draw simple geometric shapes, like an oval for the head, a bigger oval for his torso and simple lines for his arms, legs and the three spikes on each hand. Then start drawing small circles and ovals for the shoulders, elbows, knees, hands and feet.

Wolverine is easy to sketch

Next comes the most important part, the muscles. You can do this by adding the muscles as simple circles onto the skeleton, on arms, legs and torso. Check exactly where on the arms and legs the circles should be added, because doing this well now will save you a lot of erasing in your Wolverine sketches later on!

Ensure every body part is in the right place and has the correct proportions, this may take you a bit of time but you CAN master it if you persevere!

Make adjustments until you are happy with the basic shape of your Wolverine drawing. Learning how to draw Wolverine is a load of fun, especially when you see the final results.

In the next step on how to draw a Wolverine you are going to begin adding some more detailed ovals and circles to your famous X-Men character. Within the circle of the head, add a horizontal and vertical oval creating a cross shape to mark where the eyes, nose and mouth will be, and then add some small ovals for the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. See here as a guide to drawing faces.

You can also now add the shape of Wolverine’s funky V-shaped hairdo,draw the eyebrow lines, and a basic box shape for his mouth to highlight his angry scowl. Also, across the rest of his body you can now include some small ovals to give the basic structure some more detail, for example the thumbs on his fists and around the base of his claws.

The basics of your Wolverine drawing are now complete so it’s time to transform this oval guy into a real sly Wolverine and work out all the details. Start drawing lines along the ovals on the arms and legs to give the muscles a realistic and bulgy look. Erase those parts of the ovals that have become obsolete and you will see the brute force of his muscles appear.

In addition, dress our hero with a tank top and jeans and draw small curved lines on his clothes to make the fabrics look bunched. Add more detail to the eyes, nose and mouth, and draw four lines on his hands to show the fingers. Pay special attention to his spikes, which need to look sharp and extremely ferocious!

Once all details have been worked out, you can erase the guidelines you no longer need. To create an even more realistic Wolverine, add some shadows under the arms, legs and on his clothes. Watch out for this guy, because as he puts it: "I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice!" 

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