How To Draw Zombies Without Fear!

by Marcus Du Taarl

Cool Zombie Drawing

Cool Zombie Drawing

These zombies are also called “the walking dead” which you’ve probably seen on your TV screen. Look, they can be scary in a movie house with the right music in haunting sounds that you can actually ‘feel.’

The zombie legends started many moons ago—too far in the distant past to remember. Some of us recall being playful with the gods in ancient Greece until they, the gods, wanted all the power they could access to play these nasty little games.

Their power came from us partial mortal beings as the gods got bored one type of game to another. One of their games I recall was “get those humans” and the weak ones were targeted first.

These gods were actually vampires and far more frightening than Dracula. He was like a babe in arms compared to modern day zombies. You may have been a ‘semi-god’ and rising up above the lowly mortal humans. The Greek gods had no time for weakness and therefore thought humans were “fair game” to be victims of these beasts.

Imagine having all the life sucked out of you, your very soul and even your flesh ‘till you had nothing, absolutely nothing and that would be when you’d be part of the clan. If you had little to give (like a mean spirit) the gods would “fix you” to return to planet Earth. Did you know Dracula and Frankenstein were assigned zombie status before being shot back to Earth? Just to remind you, they are still walking around amongst many others like them—and you can’t see them. (Okay, sometimes you can but you have to be pretty much aware).

So how do you go about drawing one of the horrible beasts? Well, really, you can’t. But you can imagine how they would appear with rotting flesh, teeth all broken, almost skeletal, sunken eyes, some with just eye-sockets (although gods do not require eyes—they have 360 degree vision being god-like!

Your first step in drawing these monsters is to study the human skull, there are lots of them you can find on Googe images. Just copy a few of these then add bit of things as you go along with your drawing.

Make it fun to draw as they are not really scary—and the Greek gods will be smiling at you to see your results. And don’t forget—load them up here!

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