How To Make A Living From Your Art

by Luke Basset

Mandala Rose

Mandala Rose

You have to have a few marketing skills under your belt to get people to visit your site.

Do you have your own site and a host to manage it? The whole process is fairly easy and you may have to know some of the basics in putting a website together.

I've struggled quite a bit in getting lost in HTML code, finding my way around the internet, getting content written up to please Google and a few other things. If I was about 25 years younger I would not have a problem - I'd fly along with ease.

One thing you must have is inspiration and a passion for your
genre of art. You sure do need lots of it.

If you need a bit of advice, go here and read a bit on how you can be helped;

Here you will be advised about the first steps you should take to make a living from your art - plus the things you should not do if you want to be successful

This group is here to help you so ask any question or take a short course on marketing. In 2007 to 2009 I sold over 400 oil and acrylic paintings on eBay - then they changed their algorithms with listing costs going through the roof which left me with only a few dollars in my pocket.

"Ah well" I always say "We all have choices in life." So we make the best we can whether that is easy or tough!

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