I Love Sketching Because...

by Paul Garfield

The Old Car...Now Gone

The Old Car...Now Gone

Why do I love Sketching? Mainly because people laugh a lot when they see my sketches as most of them are about characters we know in the family.

There's Grandpapa who is quite hilarious in his own old-age ways, the way he walks bent over almost double, we tell him to get a walker to assist but he will not hear of it. He is half blind so he has to be careful of bumping into things or falling down the few steps he has to take. Due to his eye site we insists he gives up driving for his own sake and other people on the road. But he won't hear of it.

The drawings I've done of him are almost cartoon style with his walker leading him down the garden path, other drawings are of him taking half an hour to get into his 1978 Dodge. Even he laughs at these drawings but he complains I make him look too old. Sure, all cartoonists exaggerate specific characteristics and Grandpa is no exception.

Then there is Grandmother who can be quite crude in her language especially when she has forgotten to put in her teeth and cannot pronounce her "T's" This give me a lot of scope with her facial expressions where both her lips touch the bottom of her long nose. When I show her my drawings of her, she roars with laughter. These cartoon characters of my grandparents and their fun ways keep me going.

Then we have a dog called PB (for peanut butter) who is a cross between who knows what? He has those enormous jowls like a bulldog and slobbers all the time making wheezing sounds. I can't draw in the sounds but I can his slobbering all over the house with his jowls almost touching the floor.

These are the reasons I love sketching and these are just a few characters in the family!

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Jan 13, 2013
I know why I love it...
by: Barry Holden

I love it because of the creative process that gets me thinking outside the box. This gets the gray matter to expand in all directions - and it's GREAT!

Nice drawing of car but what make is it? It looks like one of those quite old Lagonda's.

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