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Traditional Japanese ArtDrawing Traditional Japanese Art

When a style of art has survived for centuries, you know it must be something good. Japanese art is prime example of such works steeped in cultural, rich colors and meaningful images.

Through the ages, people and places change and sometimes a really good thing will gently roll with the times. Japanese culture and art may have taken on an updated look with some works, however, the basic foundation of classic imagery and careful coloring remains the same.

Japanese Art and Antiquity
Japanese culture and art dating back to the earliest dynasties has been an inspiration for modern and contemporary works ranging from museum pieces to pop culture.

Perhaps the most famous off shoot is the transformation of classical Japanese guidelines into one of the most popular animated characters series of all time. The Anime series was inspired by the great masters from the past with timeless images that capture the imagination with just a few strokes of the pen.

Part of the artistic vision and discipline with the finest Japanese work is the simplicity used to convey an idea.

Drawing Japanese Images
Learning the fine art of creating Japanese drawings and paintings is a bit harder than it looks. Concept is key to begin your Japanese sketch to ensure you have made good use of your drawing space. Japanese images are large, bold and ready to be filled with vibrant colors. Cobalt blue, fire engine red, and sunburst yellow are traditional favorites among the top Japanese artists. Notice how less is best to convey your Japanese ideas, using long clean lines even for faces.

Traditional Japanese StyleTraditional Japanese Styles

Extreme Japanese Drawings
Like many forms of art drenched in culture and tradition, the deeply rooted Japanese principals inspire many modern artists. From the bold and brazen Manga characters to the sometimes naughty Hentai works, they can all be traced back to the talent from the past.

As classical Japanese works of art continues to mold the minds of contemporary artists, you can jump in there too. The essence of an art object is to evoke a thought or emotion from the viewer, so get busy viewing works that move you and see what ideas come forth.

Make Japanese Master Works Your Own
Japanese image have flooded western culture and made it's way around the world to open new doors for today's artists. You can learn a lot from studying ancient techniques and then making them your own.

You can't go wrong with timeless Japanese images as your foundation, so give it a shot and see what you can do. Your own Japanese works will resemble the age-old tradition, yet breathe life with your own unique personality. Try it now and don't be late, Japanese artworks are great and very inspiring.

Japanese Fan ArtJapanese Fan Art
Japanese Ceramic ArtJapanese Ceramic Art

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