Kids Pen Sketching

by Monica du Plessis
(San Francisco)

You might possibly see something special and interesting and you’ll marvel if it is the student in you wanting to burst out through an exciting career path?

Pen drawing is all about initiating lines or images to represent a little, never-before seen artwork. It could be a break away from reality or could it be all your "other self" hungry for a method out the boring stuff you've seen ad nauseum?

Pen graphics needs a little discipline and forethought if your creative sketches are to be accepted.

Using top quality paper insures exactly if your sketches could be ahead of the pack. With a felt-tip pen you will be able to maintain nice and clean-looking sketches with clear shapes, and to do that you'll need plenty of self-confidence.

A shaky hand gives a wobbly line and signifies lack of of encouragement, yeah, it surely does signify that.

At school some time back, I began teaching a limited number of kids how to make full use of a pen and ink.

All of the kids (14 of them) had a back-off concerning marks on the white pristine paper. Know what I did although it was a little messy, I asked them to dip their pens into the ink and flick it on the paper!

They just loved doing this as it improved their self-esteem followed quickly by their sketches showing lots more confidence.

Never were they restricted by what I said. Only forward with encouragement.

Do well at the arts and crafts of pen sketching and consider fine arts, and then branch off into the world of creating your sketches on your laptop.

Create some superheroes and monsters and you’ll will have a ready target audience.

Contributed by Monica Du Plessis

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