Knowledge is power, But enthusiasm for Your Art Pulls The Switch.

by Donald Jackson
(Church David)

Artist at Work

Artist at Work

Just how powerful do you think your art can be?

Certain facts are waiting for you or anyone else, to pick them up and share them with other artists. However, facts are just facts without connection and enthusiasm.

It’s your conviction, your belief, your immeasurable feelings, and your passion that compels your audience to stop and look while evaluating your art.

It’s for that reason you can positively electrify your artwork by sharing your passion and connecting interested artists
to some of the facts. Where are you going to get facts from?

Google of course!

How to do it

• Introduction: Open with a great comment relevant
to your art niche, or a quick anecdote or a story that illustrates a dilemma or otherwise a surprising statement
that will evokes interest, or a scene that you or the reader in the future (either if they do or don’t) become passionate about your anecdotes.

• Ordered List: Provide a list of reasons why your audience should be passionate about your art. Why not consider WIIFM (what’s in it for me)?

Why is it relevant to your audience and how does it benefit them? Begin each point with vivid power words that charge up your visitor and motivates them to act. Share your delight about your drawing and sketching!

• Conclusion: What’s the next step? What should your audience do next? Tell your viewers in a clear call-to-action with a large dose of passion about how it can help to increase your ability as an artist.

Ready to try it? Start writing your own"7 Reasons Why You Should Be Passionate about your art.

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