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Koi Fish Drawing in ink on white paperKoi Fish Drawing, ink on white paper

Koi fish drawings can be quite decorative in color and pattern which are identified by their shapes and scales.

Here is a collection of koi drawings of varying shapes and sizes from short, squat, and downright ugly. Hey, but some of them are quite beautiful with their markings and color.

Men who go for tattoos seem to like the dragon-faced Japanese koi because they can look a bit ferocious as it validates a man's masculinity.

The koi is a symbol for many things from the good things in life to things like "He's as slippery as a Koi" but most symbols are related to virtues that the Japanese honor. As a sidebar, the koi originated in China, not Japan.

There is a large variety of koi—there's the Longfin Carp, Dragon Koi, Butterfly Koi, Gosanke (the most popular) and hundreds more, if not thousands.

Interbreeding is prevalent to get dazzling red and white markings which are the most popular. This is now an art form with fierce competition at the Annual International Koi shows. I attended one in Johannesburg a few years ago and I was blown away with the enormous variety of colors.

Take a look at these koi drawings and let me have your comments on what you like, what you don't like and what you'd like to see that is not here. If you have koi drawings or paintings of your own, please load them up here. Share them with other people who love koi—or make comments on artists drawings you see here—they'd love to have feedback.

Did you know koi fish grow quite large in a big tank and maintain their smaller size if they live in a small tank? Koi is only a gray carp but the Japanese introduced a little color and the koi became a symbol of love!

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