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Landscape Drawing

Who on earth wants to see a painting of some guy standing out in the middle of a field; well, a lot of people do actually, which is why Drawing Landscapes is so darned popular.

Compared to dynamic battle scenes and hand-over-the-heart romantic images, pictures that portray historical events and compelling portraits, Landscape Drawing may seem a bit dull by comparison. We’ve all seen our share of cornfields and rose gardens, farms and valleys.

That is why it's the job of the talented artist to bring out the beauty in these everyday locales; to make the viewer marvel at every flower, want to walk on the emerald grass, and bask in the sunshine which oversees the land. Indeed, when the viewer sees a quality landscape, they wish to step into it—to be a part of the image they behold.

Landscape Sketch for Painting

Some of the historically relevant artists who excelled at Landscapes  included Rembrandt Van Rijn (usually referred to by his first name only), known for his beautiful scenes of Amsterdam farmland.

Raphael (or Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino—now if you ever go on Jeopardy, you’ll probably score an easy $500 off that info:) thrived on creating rich pastoral meadow scenes; and it's said that even his Madonna portrait boasts a hidden landscape in the background (that sneaky Raphael!)

Pablo Picasso's landscapes included pictures of...well, it was kinda tough to tell exactly what that guy was painting half the time, but it was sure was beautiful and successful.

And even these masters had their mentors, or at least other artists who inspired their work. Raphael was said to be inspired by Leonardo da Vinci, for example, and even ancient cave paintings displayed various animals running across scenic backgrounds.

Many modern artists are continuing the rich tradition of landscape art. In the 20th century, for instance, Georgia O’Keeffe captured the beautiful essence of the American landscape, both through rural and city scenes. Even more recently, artists like Bruce Aiken (who has created some 'grand' paintings and drawings that depict the Grand Canyon) are carrying the torch—or, more accurately, the sketching pencils and paintbrushes—of these legends. And before his death in 1995, artist and TV host Bob Ross made the painting of mountains and 'happy little trees' seem downright fashionable! The dude even made it onto MTV.

So now, it's your turn. Yes that's right, YOU! If you love to stand and admire ravishing rose gardens, fragrant meadows, or busy city-scapes, relishing and memorizing their every detail, then chances are you would enjoy committing them to canvas. So if you every want to be (brace yourselves now, we have to go there) 'outstanding in your field,' you too may want to become a landscape artist. 

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