Landscape Sketches Follow The Rules

by Jon Saqarra

Landscape Sketching

Landscape Sketching

Here is one of my landscape sketches done rapidly and without much thought. What I did here is to use the "rule of thirds"

Notice how there are two vertical lines and two horizontal. Where they cross over (in 4 places)this is where you put focal points - either one or several.

On the top right spot notice a house or shed, and the other focal point is bottom left, the trees. Also notice the road coming in from the bottom right and leading up to the house. You eye is drawn to this point,

There are many ways you can draw your viewer into your painting by using this "rule of thirds."

Do a whole series of rough sketches with a soft pencil then choose the best for a painting.

Once you know the basic rules, throw the rules into the trash can!

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