Learning How To Sketch Patterns and Designs

Easy Ways To Design
Your Own Patterns

Never run out of ideas for sketching your own patterns. Follow along here to start creating YOUR WONDERFUL PATTERNS!

our patterns can be created for that new dress you are making, that new quilt for grandma who has been asking you for the past two years! That new fashion style you are proud of -- and a special textile design you can't find at Jo-Annes Store! 

And so, design your own by following along here. There are several ways to start off but you have to decide what your end use will be. For example, you can't have a large rose repeating itself for your 2 year old child! It would not look right. Same thing if you are making table mats.

Many patterns are based on geometric formulas. This would be squares, rectangles, circles, octagon, pentagon, five point star, ellipse and many others. Your fist step is to get a small pad with horizontal and vertical lines that form small squares.

These squares should be about half inch by half inch. Next, get out your crayons and only choose 2 or 3 colors otherwise it can get a bit confusing. You can also use a 2B pencil to shade in squares that can start forming your pattern.

Using only these half-inch squares, you will be able to form millions of patterns and designs. Here are some examples below. Start  here by filling in colored squares in a random fashion. See what you can create by varying the depth of the color - in other words the darkness or lighness of the square..

Grid for designing patterns

When you have had a little practice we can start on the next one; color in TWO adjacent squares with the same color - see what you can come up with. Next lesson is to divide only a few squares into FOUR. Now start coloring in again. Once you've have created a few of these go onto a rectangle (2 squares joined together) and get as much variation as you possibly can. See the following image for details.

Fill in with different colors for every second or third square. Yeah, be creative and liken it do doing a crossword puzzle! There are no limitation on the number of designs you can create!

Here's another fast approach to getting some fabulously new ideas in learning to create your own design patterns.

Step one: Get out your digital camera and start shooting anything that looks remotely interesting. It can be rock formations, dead leaves, tin cans in the dustbin or a pile of dishes in the sink waiting to be washed.

Step Two: Take the color out of your image - switch to grayscale (take all the color out in Photoshop - if you have not got Photoshop use Gimp - it is free. Crop your images so they are balanced and look inviting. Then put your grayscale images through Photoshop's filters - give them textures of which there must be hundreds. 

You can enhance these with pen and ink. Once completed on the filter library, drop in some color. It is very easy to do.

These are usually very good for textile designs. Display your artwork and design patterns here on this site!

Use the grid below to use if you a photo editing software where you can start your design work.

Plain Grid to start work designing patternsPlain Grid To Start Creating YOUR Patterns

Fourth Dimension Abstract Design From Photo to

P/Shop Filters Suitable For Quilts

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