Learn The Art of Still Life Drawing and Painting

by Marcel The Painter

Still Life by Cezanne

Still Life by Cezanne

Have you ever tried drawing “still life?” The ‘old masters’ painted many still life’s but only to be used as secondary features in their figurative works.

Many art historians reckon that still life paintings are quite the ‘minor genre’ comparing them to landscapes and portraits. There were many still life artists like Morandi, Cezanne, and many others.

Still life’s are not an easy route to fame as it takes a lot of creative skill. The objects in your paintings or drawings have to have a life of their own, expressive, tactile forms where the viewer has the urge to ‘feel’ the forms in the painting.

Michelangelo said: “What an artist must seek most of all is to create a work which, after much toil, appears to have been made quickly and with great ease.”

One of the important things you have to master is to break down each object in your drawing or painting into its very basic forms. This does not mean a “slap-dash” method as it is “only the basics.”

Learning how to draw things in their most simplistic forms is to eliminate all detail. Just half close your eyes (or squint) until you only see the basic – with no detail to distract you.

This is not easy to do but practice on a daily basis will certainly rocket you to a professional level. How do you choose you objects for your still life? Really, anything will do from lampshades, keys, apples, books, utensils, cups, a flower.

Arrange your objects so they look casual . . .and do not forget to draw in the negative shapes to get an accurate drawing.

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