Learn To Draw Using Pro Techniques

by Sebastian Del-Fonte
(Deville Kidderminster)

Michelangelo Drawing

Michelangelo Drawing

Using a professionals' know-how would make all the difference in your drawings. There is a BIG market out there if you have all the "best pro skills under your belt!"

What would you need if you are going professional? "What me?" You ask yourself? Yes You! Just to let you know, it takes hard work and tens of thousands of practicing various techniques.

Unless of course, you are truly passionate about your art. That means you live, breathe and eat your art. Sorry, there are no short cuts, no magic bullet, just a crappy old 2B pencil and a piece of paper with coffee stains on it (yeah, sometimes that works, shows at least you enjoy your Starbucks) and maybe a jolt to give you inspiration!

Ask your muse to give you a pointer to show you the direction you should go. Sometimes for me, that is a blind alley and she can torment you with a little glee. Ignore her and she'll return in her own time.

Learning drawing techniques is no big sweat if you can - for example, practice cross-hatching to create a variety of tones (shades of gray) which Leonard and Da Vinci used to create marvelous effects. It is worth spending a little time just looking at the line techniques in their drawings. That should be a good source of inspiration for you.

To start you off with a few techniques to practice, go to this page and try a few of the techniques as shown.

Sebastian Del-Fonte

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