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Learning how to draw knows no age or bounds. No matter how old you are, you can still learn how to draw. It is exciting and can fill your days with so much laughter and happiness especially if you like to draw funny things. If artists learned how to draw, who says you can't? If you think you're way too old to get started with drawing, you are making a mistake. Picasso was still painting at the ripe old age of 90!

Who Says You Can’t Be an Artist?

A work of art is a product of your feelings, thoughts, emotions and imagination. If you can feel it, you can draw it! Believe in that saying because creating a work of art is all about interpreting your feelings into various colors, shapes and textures. It is one way of expressing yourself—to bring out what's inside you and to make use of art as a way to channel your emotions. That’s how artists do it. As a result, your deepest thoughts and feelings are reflected in your own work of art. The best part is that, there is no right or wrong in your expression. You can have it all your way.

Transforming thoughts and ideas into an abstract form is what art is all about. Remember, that artists had mastered their own unique manner of selecting themes that can create an impact with their audiences. By doing this, they are able to move and affect these people. Emotions, thoughts and interpretations arise because in art, there are no limits. People's ability to imagine is boundless thus nobody can question an artist about the meaning of his artwork.

Starting With The Basics

There are three methods of drawing skills which are taught in class. These make up the core of drawing skills. First is the deductive method which refers to transforming a general image into a specific image. Second is the inductive method which is the opposite of deductive method. Third is the combination of the two which is regarded as a well founded approach to drawing.

When making a drawing, it is important that you focus on your project by stressing a particular aspect. This is important when creating a canvass of images. Example is if you want to draw a wishing well in the middle of a wide field. Interpreting a field requires that you draw grass and flowers to create the perfect image. Once you have established your concept of field, proceed to drawing the wishing well. This creates a more focused approach to your project.

My Cat Scrounging EggsMy Cat Scrounging Eggs

At this point, you must have realized how easy it is to interpret your thoughts and feelings and to transform them into a visual masterpiece. Remember that there is no right or wrong. Art is an expression of human emotions. Who ever told you that it's wrong to feel something?

Evaluate Your Artwork

Take the time to look at your drawings. Criticize them. Evaluate them based on your standards. Doing this can give you an opportunity to discover new ideas. This is the most effective way of developing and enhancing your drawing skills because it allows you to come into terms with your uncertainties. As a result of your evaluation, you are able to create more beautiful and meaningful lines other than random doodles.

The keys towards becoming a good artist is—practice, practice and more practice. You have to decide to be in your best mindset. This is the only way to keep getting better and better as the years roll by. Practice enables you to master the art and skill of putting your thoughts and emotions into something that is visually pleasing. It takes time but who says it impossible?

Don't mind your age! It's just a number. You will never be too old to learn how to draw and study art. Art is universal—it knows no age or bounds. So forget all about the negative criticisms you received in the past and start developing your skills. Unleash your artistic talent and enrich it. Let it grow and prosper. Believe that you are capable of creating beautiful things. So now, relax, tell yourself that it's never too late to draw and, begin to feel the rewarding experience of drawing.

I hope this fires up your imagination! Learning how to draw should be your first step into creative drawing.

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